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Our Process

At DZINE IT, we follow a rigid ten-step process to ensure that every facet of your website design and development project meets all of the standards necessary for a quality, professional web presence.

Research and Planning: The staff at DZINE IT, Inc. will take the time to research your unique business, your specific industry and your desired goals to provide your website with the images and content necessary to achieve them.

Concept: Next, DZINE IT, Inc. will present you with a website development concept tailored to your specific needs.

Wireframing and Architecture: Our professional staff will offer various layout options for your website.

Content Review: You will be provided with the opportunity to review your website's content to ensure that it meets your specific needs.

Finalize Design: Once all of the above steps are complete, the staff at DZINE IT, Inc. will finalize your website design and offer it to you for review.

Development: Once you have approved your final design, the professional staff at DZINE IT, Inc. will begin developing your website.

Typesetting: Once the bones of your website have been created, we will begin adding its content.

Animating: Any animated objects will be placed on the website at this time.

Testing:Once put together, DZINE IT tests every aspect of your site to ensure functionality and usability.

Deployment:When testing is complete, dzine it, Inc. will bring your new website live.

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