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Off-Site Marketing

Social Bookmarking and Link Building

Social bookmarking and link building is a powerful tool for ongoing website marketing.

Your social bookmarking and link building campaign may include the submission of links to forums, blogs and message boards on social networking websites and blogs.

The dzine it staff recognizes that social bookmarking submission is one of the most common and hassle-free SEO technique. Our social bookmarking and link building team will help create increased traffic volume for your website. With social bookmarking, it doesn’t take long for your links to begin appearing on the pages of the major search engines.

Most importantly, our link building techniques target the right audiences based on your business’s keywords and our work will never contain duplicate content.

If you are serious about driving targeted traffic to your website, then Social Bookmarking is a must.

Article Writing and Blogging

Fresh, relevant content is absolutely necessary to maintain an audience for your brand. The best way to ensure continued relevance online is to create and maintain a blog for your business and publish regular articles related to your industry.

Our writers can work directly with you and your staff to create the thoughtful, relevant online content that will keep your clients and other in your industry talking.

Best of all, your content will be written using best practice organic SEO techniques to ensure that you reach your target audience. Best of all, our writers are native English speakers, trained in writing for the web. You won’t have to worry about nonsensical, keyword-stuffed articles that will ultimately taint your image.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

When it comes to traditional marketing, publicity is the best way for a company to gain an edge over their competition. The same holds true when it comes to online marketing.

At dzine it, we have seen first-hand how publicity, through the use of online press release distribution, builds credibility. As anyone in this business will tell you, credibility is necessary for online success.

There is a distinct difference between advertising and getting the word out through press release distribution. When your potential clients see an advertisement for your business, they are likely to assume that they are being fed a whole lot of hype. Those same potential customers are more likely to trust independent authorities such as reviewers, columnists, reporters or broadcasters. Those independent authorities are influenced by a well-written press release.

Take your content to the next level, by letting our marketing experts distribute your press releases to ensure that your message reaches your target audience.

Video Marketing

Video holds the key to the future of online marketing and can be used to increase sales, leads and ultimately ROI for your business or brand.

Unlike other website marketing companies, however, we don’t just help our clients use video to market themselves online. dzine it offers expert full-scale video production and editing services, as well as video encoding.

Our video marketing services include the production of small informational website, full-scale commercial production and distribution, and everything in between. We have the experience and the equipment necessary to offer affordable, professional video production for your business, regardless of its size and our expert video marketing team will handle everything – from start to finish.

We use the latest editing software, the best professional voice-over artists and actors, and an extensive sound library. Our professional staff uses Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Avid, and Maya to create successful web productions, website introductions, promotional marketing videos, commercials, website advertising, motion graphics, videography, and video presentations.



  • "I first approached Pete to design my new website. At first I was very skeptical because it seemed too good to be true, but I can now say that this was not the case. Working with Pete and his team has been a blessing. They have left me speechless and have given me a site I am more than thrilled about. They surpassed all of my expectations. I highly recommend their services! You can email me at to verify and/or if you have any questions regarding my experience."Janny Perez
  • Peter Crisafi from Dzine It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to work with!!! One phone call, within 10 minutes 5 samples of my organizations logo design for an upcoming campaign launch was in my inbox. No exaggeration! The images were ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Courteous, patient and reliable are just a few of the great things I can say about Pete and the folks there at Dzine it. I give them a 5 star rating on professionalism, fast and extraordinary delivery! I recommend Dzine it and Pete Crisafi to anyone in need of the best in graphic design, web design, print design, internet marketing, and consulting! -Jamel Robinson, Founder & President - JRCWRI.Jamel Robinson
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