New York Website Development Firm Suggests Stepping ‘Outside the Box’ When Designing A Website

Leading Manhattan website development expert says that business owners must set themselves apart from competitors through creative design ideas.

“When an Internet user does a search for a particular product or service, that user is met with search engine results that are supposed to represent the most closely related websites to that inquiry. That is why we, as developers, perform search engine optimization,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website design and development firm with clients from around the world. “Unfortunately, it is often difficult for searchers to decide which business is better than the other. The reason is that there is an unfortunate sameness of the look and feel of many top-ranking websites.”

This is where website design comes in, Crisafi explains, as a way to set a business apart from its competitors. He uses a search for ‘civil litigation attorney’ as an example.

“If a user clicks on the first few firms listed in the results, they will find dominant images of law books, scales of justice, imposing government buildings or lawyers at a desk,” says Crisafi. “The message that these images attempt to convey is one of personal attention, as well as effective and powerful representation. Unfortunately, these images don’t deviate much from one site to the next.”

Crisafi explains that the lack of differentiation exists in many web niches including medicine, technology and real estate. However, with only seconds to convince a website visitor to stick around and learn more about a company, Crisafi explains, it is important that they can instantly differentiate that firm from others.

“In order to achieve this sort of success, it takes the courage to step out of the zone of industry sameness,” says Crisafi.

Crisafi suggests using photos with people that seem to be making eye contact with the visitor and choosing colors that appear in nature and are not too bright and overwhelming. He says that if many businesses in the same industry are using the same colors, a business should choose a more creative color palette or zesty accent color.

“The design should be matched to the target audience,” says Crisafi. “A young, sports-oriented group likes more color, motion and excitement, while a more conservative audience will prefer a design that is centered and balanced. Businesses can break free from the mold and still have a professional website.”

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