Manhattan Website Development Firm Says That Consumers Want Website Content That Lives and Breathes

Leading New York website design expert says that quality web content should be alive.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website development and website design firm with clients throughout the United States, most web content is barely breathing from the start. It is created haphazardly, optimized, uploaded and dead from day one, he explains.

“On the flip side, quality content is that which is living,” explains Crisafi. “It is content that is shared through social media, because it is worth sharing, and takes root throughout the web.”

Crisafi says that true living content is updated and added to regularly while dead content is the type of content that is written exclusively for search engines.

“Using a list of strong keywords or phrases, Internet marketers and website developers aim to create a new page of content optimized for each phrase,” says Crisafi. “This type of black hat content is meant to mislead the search engines and achieve a page-one position in the search results.”

When content is presented in such a way, Crisafi says the focus is on volume rather than quality. This is a mistake, he says, because although it can achieve its purpose, that type of content will turn off customers and ruin a business’s brand.

“When a visitor’s first experience with a particular business is through one of these low-quality pages, they get a very poor first impression,” explains Crisafi. “Chances are, these users will not become customers, they won’t return to the website and they won’t share the page through Facebook or Twitter.”

Crisafi says that living content is written for readers and it is written well. It should be fresh, timely and relevant to the business that the website represents.

“Not only are customers going to be better satisfied with quality content, Google also recognizes the desire for fresh and relevant information,” Crisafi explains. “This is why organic search engine optimization, using quality content, is always better than a quick climb to the top through black hat SEO methods.”

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