Manhattan Website Development Firm Offers Tips on Creating a Consumer-Focused Website

New York website design and development company says that a consumer-focused website puts a business’s customers at the center of its online offering, while making it easier to do business.

“Too often, companies do not design their website for their customers,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development and website design firm with clients from around the globe. “Instead, most companies take an egocentric approach to website design, and spend most of their time talking about themselves and their products, rather than serving the needs of their customers.”

Crisafi says that if a business’s website does not serve its prospects and customers, then it is not serving the business either.

“The best way to create a consumer-focused website is by first figuring out who the business’s most profitable customers are and target that niche audience,” Crisafi says. “The smaller the business’s market, the more profitable it will be.”

Next, Crisafi says that the business must understand its customers’ needs and motivations and cater to those needs through the content of the business website.

“Customers are typically not visiting a business website to kill time,” says Crisafi. “They are there to solve a problem, find a specific product or hire someone to perform a specific service.”

According to Crisafi, a website’s home page is not the cover a best-selling novel. If it is static, devoid of useful, clear and concise information, it will spell failure for the website, he says.

“A business’s website home page should clearly communicate what the company has to offer,” says Crisafi. “Businesses should focus on their customers’ needs and guide them through the website toward the information that can best help them.”

Last but not least, Crisafi says that business websites should be an educational tool for visitors.

“A business should complement its product and service information with valuable educational content that helps customers to make more informed decisions through ‘how-to’ articles, best practices guides, training videos and other educational content,” says Crisafi. “This type of content can turn a website into a resource center that customers will visit regularly, because it is so helpful.”

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