Manhattan Website Development Firm Explains Why Social Media Marketing is Good for Business

New York website design and Internet marketing company says that it is easy, but necessary, for businesses to leverage the power of social media outlets.

“Having a massive list of friends on Facebook or a bunch of followers on Twitter is just the beginning of the power that social media marketing can yield,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development and Internet marketing firm with clients from around the country. “Yet, leveraging the power of these social networking giants isn’t always easy and, if not executed properly, a business’s tweets and Facebook updates will simply end up lost in a sea of information.”

According to Crisafi, it is important for businesses to understanding why people use specific social networks if they want to be successful in using them as a marketing tool.

“The problem,” explains Crisafi, “is that everyone gets so hung up on the social network itself, that they abandon the real goal, which is getting people to their website to interact with the content that they have to offer.”

The key, Crisafi says, is for businesses to have “real world” targeted connections.

“On Facebook, for example, it is possible to build a friends list to specifically target information to relevant connections,” says Crisafi. “When announcing new content on a website, use that friend list to send out the information to ensure that messages do not get lost in the constant stream.”

Targeting an audience is the key to online marketing, explains Crisafi. Search Engine Optimization comes from those who follow the link, he says, and if the information is relative to their interests, they will stick around and even repost or take other action to help create more relevant traffic.

“This is why so much online content offers a call to action such as a re-Tweet or Facebook Like button,” says Crisafi. “It makes it so easy for the reader to send out a link to the rest of the people in their network. This sort of link building is priceless.”

The bottom line, Crisafi says, is that the importance of social media marketing is not the social network itself, but the power to target a relevant audience.

“When a business grasps this concept, it makes it much easier to put together a strategy centered on bringing people to a website, rather than substituting it with a social network,” he says.

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