Manhattan Website Development Firm Explains Why Small Businesses Need a Well-Designed Website

New York website design and development expert says that a company’s website design plays an important role in the amount of business it generates.

“Recent surveys have shown that nearly half of small businesses do not have any kind of online presence,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development and website design firm with clients from around the globe. “While this may come as a surprise, the truth is that it is good news for small business owners who recognize the power of the Internet.”

According to Crisafi, it means that businesses that harness the power of the Internet can, with the right kind of website design, quickly find themselves miles ahead of the ahead of the competition.

“Although many businesses are guilty of doing it, it is not enough to simply create a website, publish it, and hope for the best,” says Crisafi. “That sort of attitude usually spells failure when it comes to online marketing.”

Crisafi says that a good website starts with a strong design and notes that the website must have a purpose that can be partially achieved through that design.

“For example, a small business may simply have a goal of attracting the right niche customers and only need a simple website to reach that goal,” explains Crisafi. “The goal may simply be to generate inquiries about the business and the products or services that it offers.”

On the other hand, Crisafi says that a small business may wish to generate real sales online through an ecommerce site. In this case, he explains that the website design should be crafted with this goal in mind and built accordingly.

“Ecommerce sites require the ability for customers to simply and easily order whatever they want to buy,” says Crisafi. “Then again, ease of use should be a key factor in the design of every small business website.”

Elements of a good business website design, according to Crisafi, include the balance of words and pictures, as well as a quality site map. This, he says, will not only help visitors to better access the information they want, but it will make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl the site and make sure all the pages are properly indexed.

“The good thing about the internet is that it levels the playing field,” says Crisafi. “A big business can have a website that looks the same as one designed for a business that is run by one person. However, regardless of the size of a business, there is no doubt that a good website design can bring power to a business.”

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