Manhattan Website Development Firm Asks, "Does Your Business Website Need to Be Revamped?"

New York website design and development expert says that a stagnant website could lead to stagnant sales.

“Having an online presence will bring any small business to new heights,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development and website design firm with clients from around the globe. “However, a business website that has been active for quite some time may not be the efficient, powerful brand-management tool that it once was.”

According to Crisafi, it doesn’t take long for a business to grow out of its existing website, but it is sometimes hard to determine whether or not a redesign is in order.

“Redesigning a website isn't something that should be taken lightly or approached haphazardly,” says Crisafi. “It requires time, thought, and money, so businesses must make sure that they are embarking on a redesign for the right reasons.”

If a site has not withstood the test of time, for example, Crisafi says it may be time for a redesign.

“Most businesses make changes to their website over time,” explains Crisafi. "Some of these changes may have been tacked on and the website’s existing structure may not have accommodated the changes as seamlessly as one would want. Over time, these types of changes can make a site unwieldy."

Ultimately, a business website should be designed so that it is easy to update, maintain and expand, to meet the needs of an evolving business.

Finally, Crisafi says that existing business websites that are not regularly capitalizing on social media and new technologies will not be able to keep up with their competitors.

"The beauty of the Internet is that there are so many ever-evolving technical possibilities,” says Crisafi. “Every small business should consider speeding up their page-load times, introducing new search and browsing methods, integrating product/service reviews, and adding location-based functionality.”

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