Manhattan Website Development Company Offers Ecommerce Development Tips for Increasing Online Sales

Leading New York website development and web design expert says that an ecommerce website needs shopping cart information shown on every page.

“The design of an online storefront, from the landing page to the shopping cart, has a direct effect on sales,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website development firm with experience in the design and development of ecommerce websites. “Even the smallest design elements can improve or hurt a website’s conversion rates, but there are a number of ways to develop an ecommerce website to ensure and increase in online sales.”

Crisafi says that ecommerce website owners must look at their website from a shopper's perspective. Online shoppers, he says, want the shopping process to be as intuitive as possible.

“Many ecommerce websites just don’t pull it off,” says Crisafi. “Sometimes, web stores get too artsy with their designs and others use too much flash animation, slowing down the shopper's browser. Others use color schemes that send the wrong message to visitors.”

All of these issues have an effect on sales, Crisafi says, which is why ecommerce websites need to be developed carefully with certain guidelines in mind.

“To ensure a smooth and pleasant shopping experience for visitors, the website shopping cart should be visible,” Crisafi says. “If a customer adds an item to their shopping cart, they want peace of mind that the item was added.”

Therefore, Crisafi says that every page of the online store should have an area that lists the number of items in the customer's cart and other relevant check-out information.

“Having the checkout information visible and readily available can also help ease the transition from shopping to checkout,” Crisafi says. “No matter where the customer ends up on the website, it is important to have a fast link back to the checkout page.”

However, Crisafi says that it isn't enough to simply have shopping cart information on every page of the site.

“A business must make sure that its shopping cart information pops, so it is easy to find,” he explains. “Contrasting colors from the color scheme on the website is a great way to make shopping cart information stand out.”

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