Manhattan Website Design Firm Offers Website Design Principles to Live By

New York website development expert says that it is easy to lose track of some of the most basic website design principles and offers ways to stay on track.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website design and website development firm with clients across the country, there are so many options to businesses looking for a new website design, that it can be quite confusing. The key, he says, is to follow a few simple rules to achieve website design success.

“The best way to approach a new website design is to start with the end goal in mind,” says Crisafi. “Be sure to outline the focus of the website, as well as what it must achieve for the business that it represents. Write down these goals and use them as a constant reminder as the website is designed and developed.”

Crisafi says that it is easy to get distracted by the placement of widgets and other bells and whistles, but the primary focus should be the success of the business website. This is why, he says, the business must remain focused on these goals throughout the site’s development.

“Next, it is important to have the website’s design mock up a concept design even before building the first page,” says Crisafi. “A business must design its website with the user in mind. It should have a consistent look throughout and the pages should be clear and concise.”

Crisafi warns that when designing a website, consideration should also be given to any future expansion.

“A website should have clear navigation menus and links,” says Crisafi. “In addition, all contact information should be in clear view. If the website is selling a product, it must clearly give instructions on how to buy it and what to expect at each stage of the purchasing process.”

Finally, Crisafi says that in order for a website development project to be successful, its content must be developed strategically.

“Businesses must decide what their content strategy will be from the beginning,” says Crisafi. “The idea is to figure out how to make people want to come to the site, spend time there and spend money. Consideration should also be given to exactly how the business will keep the website content fresh, so people will want to come back.”

Crisafi says that by using these principles when designing a website, it will help businesses to avoid expensive and time-consuming redesigns in the future.

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