Manhattan Website Design Company Discusses How to Keep Visitors Coming Back To a Website

Leading New York website development expert says that a business website can be a daily destination if a few simple rules are followed.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website design and website development firm with clients around the world, every small business loves exposure, but getting people to visit a business website on a regular basis can be a challenge, especially if updates are infrequent.

“Building a website that is interesting enough to keep users engaged and coming back doesn't require thousands of dollars, however,” says Crisafi. “All it takes is a little creativity and hard work to send a website’s daily number of visitors soaring.”

The best way to keep website visitors engaged and coming back is by connecting and communicating, Crisafi explains. Blogging is the best way to begin that process, he says.

“Blogging should be an essential part of any business website,” says Crisafi. “It literally takes just a few clicks to post updates in real-time and create a steady stream of content that promises something new and exciting with every visit.”

According to Crisafi, another way to ensure repeat visitors is with community building through social media. Creating a sense of community around a website is one of the most powerful tools for engaging prospective clients.

“Website owners should also ensure that their sites are designed for mass consumption,” says Crisafi. “So, in addition to updating a website with unique pieces of content that will grab the attention of visitors, website owners should embed everything from blog posts to pictures, PDF documents and videos, and make them easily shared, ready to be commented on or re-tweeted.”

Lastly, Crisafi says that website owners should focus on value to generate customer interest.

“Specials, promotions and discounts can all drive website traffic, especially in tough economic times,” says Crisafi. “By offering bargains and rebates on both an ongoing and sporadic basis, business owners can keep customers' interest piqued and generate additional sales.”

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