Manhattan Web Development Firm Says That Facebook’s new “Like” Button Makes Social Media Marketing Easier for Business Owners

Leading New York website development expert explains that new Facebook features are helping the social media giant become the backbone of the Internet.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website design and development firm with clients throughout the country and the world, the Facebook “Like” button was added to more than 50,000 websites within one week of its introduction and the number of websites taking advantage of the most recent Facebook features is growing.

“Many website developers and business owners are already showing their enthusiasm about seamlessly integrating their websites with Facebook in order to take advantage of its more than 400 million active users,” explains Crisafi. “Using Facebook’s web-wide ‘Like’ button in conjunction with the company’s ‘Open Graph’ API update allows companies to drive traffic from Facebook to their business websites.”

According to Crsiafi, Facebook’s popular “Like” button was once just an in-network element, but the “Open Graph” update now allows it to be used anywhere across the Web. The update, he explains, allows developers to duplicate the existing social media marketing process while freeing the content producer from having to create individual in-network Facebook Pages.

“It allows developers to add code to any web page, identifying it as a particular entity in Facebook's database, and add widgets to the page allowing users visiting the site to interact,” says Crisafi. “This gives companies the ability to better leverage Facebook’s large audience and take advantage of the social networking website’s incredible popularity.”

According to Crisafi, the “Like” button provides a major opportunity for increased exposure as anyone that “likes” a site gets an update posted on their profile for their networks and friends to see.

“All of Facebook’s ‘Open Graph’ features are beneficial because anyone logged into Facebook can get a more customized search experience,” says Crisafi. “Although these features are relatively new, many people believe that over time the ‘Like’ button may become more important to businesses than traditional search links.”

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