Manhattan Web Development Firm Offers Tips on How to Convert Leads into Sales Using Good Website Design Techniques

Leading New York website development expert says that there are a number of ways to design a website that will increase sales.

“There are many ways to convert website visitors into paid customers, but the best place to start is by designing a website with this specific goal in mind,” explains Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website development firm with clients from around the world. “The most successful business websites are the ones that share common design and development characteristics, meant to convert leads into sales.”

Crisafi says that when designing a website, it is important to keep the customer in mind. This means creating pages that load quickly, pages that are simple, pages that do not have a lot of clutter and pages that are easy to navigate.

“Good content is also essential,” explains Crisafi. “Businesses need a clear identity, which means their websites need big descriptive headings that explain exactly what services or products the company offers. In addition, the website copy should be compelling, updated regularly and users should be able to easily subscribe to new content as it becomes available.”

Crisafi says that websites should also be readable, which means that fonts and colors should be easy to read, see and digest. Furthermore, he says that there should be strong calls to action, directing customers to do exactly what it is that business needs them to do.

“If a business wants its visitors to subscribe to its newsletter, they need to be told,” says Crisafi. “If they are to buy something, they must be told. A business website should never make its visitors have to guess what they are supposed to do.”

Finally, Crisafi says that buying products and services should be made as easy as possible for customers. He also suggests using images as much as possible, especially when it comes to ecommerce websites.

“By following these simple universal rules,” says Crisafi, “businesses can turn visits into leads and leads into sales in no time.”

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