New York Website Design Firm Gives Tips on What to Look for in a Web Designer

Manhattan-based website design and website development firm, says that when it comes to choosing your web designer, there is a level of professionalism that you must insist upon.

“Your website is a representation of your business,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a website design company based in New York City and servicing clients worldwide, “so you want it to perform at its best and it something that you should take pride in, much the same way that you take pride in your business.”

That’s why Crisafi says that it is important to shop around before choosing a website design firm for your web development work.

When looking at the portfolios and the testimonials of potential web designers, pay attention to the designs that they have created for other clients. A website design should be clean, creative and professional looking.

“Look for sites that are visually pleasing and easy to navigate,” says Crisafi. “A professional website design firm will have talented artists on staff, as well as skillful website developers and programmers.”

In other words, says Crisafi, look for a full-service website development firm that combines technical know-how with artistic integrity.

According to Crisafi, a great website needs content that is organized, navigation that is intuitive, and a strong visual appearance.

“This is what the dzine it team has in mind when we create a website design,” says Crisafi, “and that is why we have been successful designing websites for both large and small businesses.”

Although a website design may be the masterpiece of a web development expert, it should be built on your vision. Crisafi says that it is important to find a website design firm that will listen to your dreams, for it is the only way that your website will match those dreams.

“The dzine it team recognizes that a client's input is essential during each phase of a successful website design project,” says Crisafi. “We are always flexible and patient with our customers, so that we can best serve their needs.”

Crisafi also says that when considering a website design firm, be sure to look for professionals who are mindful of both web design standards and the need for search engine friendly design.

“Most of all,” he says, “choose a company with experience. It makes all the difference.”

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