United States multinational conglomerate corporation and electrical giant General Electric (GE) recently announced two major IT initiatives. These include a planned new high-efficiency data centre and a plan to employ more in-house IT staff.

Going Green

The new data center, located in Louisville Kentucky, has received platinum certification in the Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) building efficiency standard, through the use of high-density servers to reduce floor space by 50% compared to the facility it is replacing. GE has also introduced high-efficiency cooling systems allowing the company to cut energy consumption by 34 percent compared to other LEED-certified buildings.

The new GE data center is located in an existing facility and the company states that it sourced more than half of the building materials locally, making even the construction energy efficient.

The new facility was built to support the company's appliance and lighting division and is part of an initiative that includes a $1 billion investment in various 'manufacturing centers of excellence', that are expected to create 1,300 jobs by 2014.

Bringing IT Home

Earlier this month, the company, known for offshore outsourcing, confirmed that it would hire 1,100 IT workers in the United States. Recently, the company's president of business solutions said that the company was rethinking its longstanding practice of offshore outsourcing, noting that having in-house development resources will improve the company's ability to deliver more user-friendly applications.

The new IT workers will be located near Detroit, Michigan.

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