New York Website Development Firm Says That the Days of Static Five-Page Websites Are Over

Leading Manhattan website design expert says that a successful business website is one that is built to grow with the company that it represents.

“Before creating a website, it's crucial that businesses recognize their online presence is an investment,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development and website design firm with clients from around the world. “This means that companies must build their websites in a way that allows flexibility and growth.”

According to Crisafi, although websites are based on technology, they are fundamentally marketing tools. This is an important concept to understand, he explains, in order to create an online presence that is always ready to change. A website is not like a book, says Crisafi, where a copy is printed and it’s over.

“A business’s online presence should never consist of a static, five-page website,” says Crisafi. “Within months of being published, a website will need changes and what was once a small, cost-effective website will end up costing more in the long run.”

For example, if a business plans on using search engine optimization (SEO) as part of its online marketing strategy, which Crisafi recommends for all businesses, that business needs to have the ability to update its site on a regular basis, because search engines give high value to fresh content on websites.

“Businesses need a website that gives them the ability to grow, which means having the ability to add pages, edit content and upload files,” says Crisafi. “The best solution for a business is to have a website that has some type of content management system.”

Crisafi says that he and his company understand that today's small businesses need the ability to control their content just as much as larger companies do and, although an advanced design is not necessary, the ability to change the text on all the pages, add photographs and embed code.

“My advice to businesses is to not get painted into a corner with a cheap website,” says Crisafi, “because those are the websites that ultimately become costly and ineffective.”

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