New York Web Development Firm Says That Website Code Errors Can Hurt Search Engine Ranking

Leading Manhattan website design and development expert says that businesses should regularly check their website code for errors.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York web development and website design firm with clients throughout the United States, errors in a website’s code can get in the way of good search engine placement.

“Efficient website coding is essential for good search engine optimization,” says Crisafi. “If a website cannot communicate effectively with the search engines, it cannot gain a strong online presence.”

According to Crisafi, code errors happen all the time and, although website developers and search engine optimization experts check their work for errors once a project is completed, most of the errors occur later.

“A website’s code will change whenever fresh content is added,” says Crisafi. “It is a good idea for businesses to get into the habit of running their code through a code checker, or involving a web developer on a regular basis.”

Crisafi compares regular code checks to having a car serviced regularly.

“When an automobile is not serviced regularly, small errors can develop into serious problems down the line,” explains Crisafi. “These problems can cause a car to break down and fixing it can cost a lot of money. Websites are no different.”

The effect of code errors can be subtle or drastic. If a website’s code contains errors, the search engines’ view of a website is obscured. Code errors can even affect how site users view a website when their browser is unable to display the page exactly as it was designed, he says.

“A simple code check doesn’t take very long, although correcting those errors may,” says Crisafi. “In the end, it is well worth spending a little bit of time looking under the hood of a website.”

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