New York Web Development Firm Explains How to Turn a Business Website into a Selling Machine

Leading Manhattan website design and development expert says that creating a business website has become a critical component of marketing a company and selling its products or services.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York web development and website design firm with clients throughout the United States, small to mid-sized companies can benefit from understanding exactly what a business website should entail.

“A strong web presence is an instrument of survival for smaller companies with less funds and a small sales force,” explains Crisafi. “However, a quality website can help such businesses grow their brand and attract a large customer base. A website, if developed properly, can also become a relatively affordable marketing tool.”

Crisafi says that the best way for a company to begin the development of a powerful business website is to think like its target audience – its customers.

“The most important quality of a business website is its ability to meet the needs of its customer,” says Crisafi. “Large corporations often get caught up in the frenzy of providing too much information on a website, creating a confusing maze that is difficult to navigate.”

Another way to ensure that a business website gives customers what they want is by sharing the story of that business.

“Customers want to know about the businesses that they deal with, which is why sharing a company’s history is a vital step in building a brand and connecting with the target audience,” says Crisafi. “Knowing why a business was created and understanding its goals and philosophy can add value to the customer experience.”

Speaking of the customer experience, Crisafi says that website visitors don’t enjoy filling out online inquiry forms, typically found in the “contact us” section of a website.

“Sadly, such forms are rarely user-friendly and certainly not customer-engaging,” says Crisafi. “A good solution for contact information is to post a staff member’s e-mail address and direct phone number. This personalizes the user experience.”

Crisafi says that there are other ways to turn a business website into a sales machine, including the use of quality images, reviews and testimonials, and hiring a professional website development firm.

“Following these basic steps in creating a website is a surefire way to enhance the online customer experience,” says Crisafi. “When a customer is pleased with a website, they will most likely stay on the site longer and eventually make a purchase or inquiry.”

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