Manhattan Web Design Firm Says Small Businesses without a Good Online Presence Can Lose Customers

Leading New York website development expert says that business owners without a strong online presence are failing to engage more than half of the population.

“More than half of all small business owners are neglecting two out of every three consumers by failing to provide an online presence for their business,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website design and development firm with clients across the country. “According to a recent survey, many small business owners blame a lack of technical knowledge and financial strain for essentially disregarding the online outlets that provide them with an advantage over major corporations.”

According to Crisafi, more than half of the adult population now research products online, with nearly 60 percent making purchases online. Despite this growing consumer shift, 55 percent of small business owners still lack an good online presence.

“What many small business owners don’t realize is that creating a solid online presence does not require advanced technical knowledge, nor will it ruin their budget,” says Crisafi. “Small businesses have an advantage over large corporations; because they can start by getting involved with communities on a personal level via social networking websites.”

Crisafi explains that social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Formspring are providing small business owners with tools that can help them to personally interact with their customer base. It is a concept, he says, that is often a struggle for large corporations.

“Despite having a measurable advantage, 72 percent of small business owners are not members of any online community specific to their industry, which is essential for a strong online presence,” says Crisafi. “With the majority of consumers influenced by their peers when purchasing a product, it is foolish for small businesses not to step up and get involved in social networking sites.”

Another failure on the part of small business owners, Crisafi says, is the fact that they are not using email communications to their advantage.

“Although nine in ten adults use email, small businesses are overlooking the power email newsletters,” says Crisafi. “Email newsletters have long been a successful way for large corporations to get messages out about their products and services. Small business owners would be wise to take advantage of the same methods.”

Prior to the introduction of social media, Crisafi says, the general consensus was that a small business websites simply provided a worldwide business card of sorts. However, all of that has changed, he says.

“The shift caused by social media allows small businesses to build personalized customer communities,” he concludes.

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