Creating a visually and commercially lucrative website is perhaps the single most important thing that web programming requires. If you own a business which has an active presence on the internet, you will instantly relate to this fact but if you are one of the hundreds of struggling website owners who have failed to garner an authority on the internet in their business domain, then its time you reordered your priorities. How can you as a business owner make your website more effective in generating business? Before asking for the solution of this problem, you should consider whether the programming on your website has been done keeping the search engines in mind or not and this aspect is also referred to as search engine optimization (SEO).
With competition rising dramatically on the internet, web programming requires efficient coding that makes the website easily readable by search engine spiders because search engines are what most users use to search for products and services. The higher your website on the search engine results of say Google, the better your traffic and consequently, sales.
To make your job easier, here are 5 important tips for SEO Friendly Web Designing and web programming that can help you get better results on the search engine results. Although these are not enough to get you to the top, but they can definitely help you get started.[read more”>

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