The micro blogging phenomenon known as Twitter has become increasingly important as an Internet marketing platform. While it may never completely replace other Internet marketing platforms, it continues to function as a real-time news wire, circulating and reinforcing information found online.

As Twitter continues to grow, people’s expectations are growing as well. In addition to becoming a place to socialize and be entertained, more and more people are looking to Twitter as a source of information. This is why small businesses cannot ignore this incredible marketing tool.

Twitter offers an amazing platform for self-promotion. It’s simple. People using Twitter want fresh information, regardless of who provides it to them. Sharing information, along with your own unique view, opens the door to self-promotion.

Tweets which are informative or funny will elicit the most reaction, while Tweets that contain dry information, common knowledge or information about what’s for dinner will fail.

Sure, Twitter is spontaneous and Tweets should not be over-thought, but in order to make a business’s marketing efforts more productive, there are some techniques that should be followed when tweeting.

1. Keep it Simple: With Twitter, it is all about keeping it short, hence the 140 characters. However, if you can say it with even less characters, your followers will definitely appreciate it.

2. Limit the Syntaxes: The overuse of #hashtags and @mentions make Tweets very hard to read. One hashtag or mention can be very useful, any more can be confusing and annoying.

3. Old News is Worthless: On Twitter, news gets old fast… really fast. Unless you have something compelling to say about breaking news, don’t bother – the world already knows.

4. Provide Some Context: Although Tweets should be kept simple, too simple is a bad idea. Don’t just offer up a link to your blog post, news story or picture. People want to know what they are getting themselves into.

5. Be positive: From Twitter to Facebook and everything in between, nobody likes negative sentiments. Try and stay as positive as possible.

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