New York Website Development Firm Discusses The Power of Web 2.0

Manhattan website design and development firm discusses how Web 2.0 tools have changed the landscape of the Internet and explains how they can be utilized for greater website success.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website development firm with clients around the world, the term “Web 2.0” was coined in 2004 to describe a new generation of Internet tools that enable greater interaction among users.

“Web 2.0 applications have made the Internet a more engaging place,” says Crisafi. “They mark a drastic improvement from the early days when websites were nothing more than static content, which was rarely changed or updated.”

According to Crisafi, examples of Web 2.0 applications include collaborative websites or wikis, the best known of which is Wikipedia, blogs that allow users to post their own online commentary, and social networking websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

For website developers like Crisafi and the rest of the staff at dzine it, creating a website based on Web 2.0 tools is both a joy and a challenge, he says. For a small-time web designer, assembling all the tools needed for a Web 2.0 site is hard enough; making sure that all of the functionality is as dynamic as it should be is even harder.

“There are plenty of competent website developers out there that have what it takes to create a fully-functional Web 2.0 site,” says Crisafi. “However, there are many who still do not.”

That’s why Crisafi recommends that anyone who is serious about investing money in website development, consider hiring a firm that has experience not only in Web 2.0 functionality, but in proper search engine optimization (SEO), content management, online marketing, graphic design, streaming video and more.

“At dzine it, we offer a whole range of various services all under one roof,” says Crisafi, “which saves our clients time, money, and most of all, gives them the experience that one should demand from anyone trusted with creating their online presence.”

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