Manhattan Web Development Company Says Google Is Ready to Challenge Facebook

New York online marketing and website development firm says that Gmail’s upcoming new interface, which will rival Facebook and Twitter, will be good news for SEO.

“Google has announced that it will be taking strides to change its own social networking strategy in response to the popularity of both Twitter and Facebook,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a New York website development firm that specializes in social media marketing. “Like these other sites, Gmail will allow users to post public messages as part of the overall Google experience.”

This is good news for website owners that rely on social networking to boost their website traffic and, ultimately, their business, says Crisafi. Google has recognized, he says, that the potential for advertising revenue through social networking sites is something that the company cannot ignore. For website owners, a trickledown effect will likely result in more search engine optimization (SEO) options through social networking.

“To date, Google’s only social networking success has been YouTube, which has only recently started to make a profit,” says Crisafi. “However, Google already has some products that are social networking-based and, if they are threaded together, SEO experts believe that Google could give Twitter and Facebook a run for their money.”

Google’s products that have social networking aspects, according to Crisafi, include Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google Bookmarks and others. The social networking component, he says, comes from Google’s encouragement that users share within these interfaces. Google also has a full-fledged social networking site, known as Orkut and offers social networking through Google Profiles and Google Wave, the company’s new collaboration tool.

“Unfortunately, Google has done little to create a single combining element to bring these products together on one interface, in a way that would allow it to truly compete with Facebook,” says Crisafi. “Thankfully, Google has recognized this and may soon be making up for lost time. This is good news for anyone who uses social networking interfaces to boost search engine rank.”

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