Businesses Can Benefit From Video SEO

A leading New York website development and Internet marketing firm says that using video for search engine optimization can drive quality organic traffic to businesses.

“According to a recent study, businesses can earn quality local traffic by creating and distributing, online, a video featuring their company,” says Andy Robson, Managing of dzine it, Inc., a New York internet marketing firm that specializes in video production and distribution for search engine optimization. “In fact, the study showed that businesses were thirty percent times more likely to garner local target traffic through video search engine optimization.”

Robson says that this fairly new technology allows website owners to associate a video about their product or service with relevant keywords and then distribute it online. The result, he says, is increased attention from Google and other major search engine which, in turn, should translate into better search engine placement for the featured business.

“Video search engine optimization will result in a higher search engine ranking, more targeted traffic, particularly local traffic, and increased sales,” says Robson. “Businesses that not only get their videos out there through free video websites such a YouTube, but post videos on their websites, see significant increases in interest among users.”

In fact, Robson says that video is one of the most popular components of a website these days and users are more likely to click on information videos before clicking on photos or reading through content.

Before being named managing director at dzine it, Robson, an avid producer and an expert in the world of cutting-edge digital media, worked at companies like companies like Virtually Real Group, Cyclovision Technologies, Set Marketing On, Inc, Emerald Systems, Inc., Scientific Micro Systems / Supermac Technology, Cipher Data Products, Inc., and 3rd Rail, Inc., where he served as CEO.

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